Sunday, August 9, 2009

Re: Yoli's Project Part 4

Hi Tessa

Thanks for your recent post. I was indeed beginning to confuse what were the important points to consider.

I have taken your advice and done away with my detailed skin texture, opting instead for a pale skin tone complete with SSS and subtle bump mapping. Additionally I have bitten the proverbial bullet and chosen a colour scheme with what I think is a more appropriate mixture of warm over cool. 

I did this by taking colours from a range of vintage Eastern advertising (having been introduced to in order to achieve the retro quality I had been aiming for.

I have since been working in comp to create more of a sense of contrast between the fore and background, as I feel the washed out look of the straight render is lacking in the focus you have been pointing me towards in your posts.

This is by no means the final look and I would appreciate any advice you could give me on improving it and achieving the soft quality of my 3D reference. As it stands I have the key and fill lights as separate passes and used an incidence shader as a fake rim light. In your last post you gave me some examples of the subtle colours of light sources which I would like to experiment here, in order to give the character a warmer glow.

Although I am now being pressed to render and comp in order to meet the deadline, I would still value your feedback on any aspect of the look, as I intend to develop the project post hand-in as my major showreel piece.
Thanks again


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