Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nigel Gore - Rendering & Compositing

Hi Tessa,

Thank you for all of the feedback in your last post, it was very helpful.

Since then, I have been working around the clock to get my passes rendered out.

I am now in my final stages of rendering and the main problem that I have encountered is a strange ‘blotchy’ effect on the wall above the windows which seems to be a result of the final gather calculations from the appended file:

I am now creating a new pass that I can ‘comp in’, to hopefully reduce this effect:

I have now started to pull together a few composited scenes in Nuke. I started by trying to make the sunlight appear to be glowing around the window frames:

I’m still trying to show how the scene would look if the interior lights were also switched on. My initial attempt resulted in the room actually appearing to be darker:

I’m much happier with my latest attempt, where the interior begins to look much brighter & whiter than before:

I have also created a Z-depth pass. It is applied to this frame… However, I have not yet tweaked it enough for it to look very convincing:

Here, I have added ‘volume rays’, to simulate sunlight piercing through the scene… I like the effect that it has on the TV screen but not so sure about the other areas. Perhaps it just needs colour adjustment or to be more subtle:

This will probably be my second to last post because I have a very limited amount of time to make any changes. I’m looking forward to your thoughts on what you have seen so far…



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